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11 November 2007 @ 10:09 pm
Stercus Accidit 1/?  
Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Stercus Accidit 1/?
Author: Liv darkmagic_luvr
Pairing/Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, James Scarlet, Mercer Waurd, Mora Van Duryn, Jennan Doyell (OC's)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don’t own Supernatural, I do own the OC’s in this fiction, so don’t use them without permission.
Summary: Viva Las Vegas, city of lights, city of dreams, city of quicky divorces and marriages, awesome buffets and demons- hey, shit happens.
Authors Note: The amount of fun I'm going to have writing this.
Part 2

"I can’t believe this is an actual case," muttered Sam, glancing around at the slot machines.

"I know right?" said Dean with the biggest grin on his face. Sam gave him a look and caught Mercer shaking his head at him. Dean rubbed his hands together, looking very much like a kid in a candy story. "What should we do first?"

"Catch the demon?" offered Jamie slowly, earning a snort from Dean.

"I’m thinking roulette," said Dean out loud, drifting off down the staircase towards the roulette table. Mercer rolled his eyes and turned to Sam.

"Want me to make sure he doesn’t completely screw himself over?"

"Please," said Sam, watching Mercer walk off after Dean. Next to him, Mora and Jennan were shaking there heads.

"Why do we sleep with him again?" asked Mora, cocking her head in Jennan’s direction. She shrugged and looked over at Mora.

"Wanna hit the buffet?" she asked. Mora nodded and linked arms with her, heading off in the direction of the nearest restaurant.

"So we’ll just research ourselves then," Jamie shouted after them, shaking her head and turning to Sam. "Sound like fun?"

"Can’t blame them," said Sam with a sigh, tossing his arm around Jamie’s shoulder and steering her in the direction of the bar. "I don’t want to do research anymore then they do, even if it is with you."


"I give up!" shouted Jamie, slamming her hands down on the table, making Sam jump. Jamie huffed and looked over into the casino, squinting to see Dean look like he just won the lottery, which he probably did.

"Mercer’s making him win," mumbled Jamie, glowering in Dean’s direction. She spotted Mercer at his shoulder, patting Dean on the shoulder as he lost one. "And he’s being clever about it."

"This is so boring," muttered Sam, dropping his head onto the keyboard of his laptop.

"I'm glad you agree."

"Why does everyone think they can just drop all the research on us and assume we'll be okay with it?" asked Sam bitterly. "What if want to gamble?"

"They know we don't," said Jamie with a sigh, scanning over a new paper article in front of her. Sam's eyes narrowed at her for a moment, before he made up his mind and signaled a waiter. "I need a beer."

"You and me both."


Mercer rolled his eyes as Dean did his typical 'this is just dumb luck' routien before grabbing his shoulder and jerking him down so Mercer could whisper in his ear.

"You know I'm playing this game for you, right? This isn't you actually winning."

"Then why am I losing some?" asked Dean, frowning in bewilderment, making Mercer's eye twitch, sending someone behind them flying backwards onto the ground.

"So it's not suspicious."

"Oh...you're cleaver!"

"Thank you. I try," muttered Mercer sarcastically, as Dean went back to his game, clapping the roulette wheel on. Mercer rolled his eyes again and looked around, spotting Jamie and Sam working at a table in the cocktail area. He had no idea where Jennan and Mora were, which could be considered a problem.


"I think that guy's checking you out," said Jennan with a frown, leaning halfway out of the booth she and Mora were sitting in to stare at some creep who'd been staring at them for the past ten minutes.

"He cute?"


"Shoot him then," said Mora with a shrug and sinking her teeth into something covered in blood (which was disguised as something else entirely, but Jennan couldn't look at it the same without thinking 'blood...'). Jennan snorted.

"And rid the female population of one creepy potential stalker?"

"Mmm hmm."

"I left my gun in the Impala."

"Damn," muttered Mora, turning in her seat to stare at the guy as well. She caught his eyes and he winked at her. Mora growled in his direction before flashing her fangs at him, watching him faint out of his seat, making Jennan giggle. "Not as direct, but...."

"Worth it."

"What do you say we have some fun?" Mora offered after a few seconds of amused silence. Jennan's eyebrow quirked.

"What kind of fun?"