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08 February 2008 @ 06:36 pm
Eros 2/?  
Title: Eros 2/?
Liv darkmagic_luvr
Rating: T
AU Series Title: Pendulum
Characters/Pairings Involved: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, James Scarlet (OC), Mercer Waurd (OC), Mora Van Duryn (OC), Jennan Doyell (OC)
au_developments Prompt: 18. Love
Claimer/Disclaimer: I own all original characters you see before you. All Supernatural character’s mentioned do not belong to me.
Authors Notes: hearts. This whole little thing is for Valentine’s Day I’ve decided. It’s appropriate.

"Wait, you were shot?" Jamie rolled her eyes and sat down on the floor in front of the couch, Mora sitting behind her while Jennan stood in front of them both, hands on her hips, glaring down at Jamie.

"Yes, I was shot," said Jamie. "So far nothing’s happened-"

"But something could happen?" asked Jennan whirling around to face Sam and Dean.

"Well, yeah," said Sam, nodding over at Jamie. "She could freak out and kill us all for starters."

"Or attack one of us," said Dean. "Like what brought us here in the first place."

"Jennan and I found more stuff regarding that," said Mercer walking in from the bathroom. "20 people on the fourth of every month randomly showing up in the hospital claiming they were shot at and nothing was wrong."

"And those people either wound up dead, killing someone they knew or living happily ever after," finished Jennan and turning towards Jamie. "Please don’t kill me?"

Jamie rolled her eyes and stood up, giving Jennan a look when she backed up a bit. "I’m not going to kill anyone."

"To be sure, we should keep a watch on you," said Dean. "Sam got you into this mess, he can take first couple hours."

"How did I get her into this?" asked Sam.

"You never argued against it," said Mora with a wicked grin. Jamie threw up her hands in annoyance.

"I’m going to bed!" she said loudly and Dean nudged Sam.

"Go with her," he said. "We’ll all sleep here and Mora ‘ll get you in a few hours."

Sam sighed and looked over at Jamie who just rolled her eyes and lead the way across the hall to the other room. Once the door shut Sam turned to look at Jamie only to find himself being backed up against the door.

"What the hell-?"

"You have know idea how long I’ve wanted to get you alone," said Jamie breathlessly, pressing herself up against Sam, running her hands through his hair. He looked at her funny as she pressed her lips to his neck, nipping the skin there lightly.

"J-Jamie," stuttered Sam, pushing her off him and staring at her wildly. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"What do you mean, Sam?" she asked, her hands running down his chest and tugging at his shirt. "Nothing wrong."

"No, something’s very wrong," said Sam, reaching behind him for the door handle and wrenching it open, backing out into the hallway quickly and slamming the door in Jamie’s face. He looked at the door and then across the hall.

"D-Dean!" he shouted. "Shit, Dean!"

"What?" Dean shouted back, opening the door and giving Sam a look. "I thought you were-"

"She’s gone insane," said Sam, gesturing wildly with his hand.

"What? She attacked you?" asked Dean with a frown.

"Yeah, she attacked me," said Sam, bordering hysteria. "Fucking...love spell."

"Love...what!?" Sam nodded and walked towards Dean, pointing back at the door he’d just come from.

"Jamie, fucking...god. Pinned up against a wall."

"This could be a problem," said Dean, he shrugged and turned back to the motel room. Sam frowned and grabbed his arm.

"What do you mean this could be a problem? It’s defiantly a problem. I can’t watch her-"

"Well I’m not," said Dean. "She’s like my sister, that’d be weird."

"And, she’s what to me?"

"Potential," said Dean, clapping Sam on the shoulder and closing the door with a snap. Sam sighed and looked back at the door Jamie was trapped behind. He swallowed nervously and headed back, opening the door slowly and poking his head around the corner.

"Hi," said Jamie, giving him a wave, still standing in the same place he’d left her. Sam gave her a halfhearted grin and walked in, walking around Jamie like she was infected with the plague. "You okay?"

"Um, just, stay away from me," said Sam, backing away from her. "Weren’t you going to go to bed?"

"Okay," said Jamie, giving him a wave and heading for bed. Sam watched her go and sat down on the other bed, flicking on the tv and turning it on mute. The Three Stooges didn’t need sound to be funny.