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30 January 2008 @ 08:58 pm
Some Drink To Make Others Interesting, I Drink To Make Them Stop  
Title: Some Drink To Make Others Interesting, I Drink To Make Them Stop
Liv darkamgic_luvr
Rating: PG-13
AU Series Title: Pendulum
Characters/Pairings Involved: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, James Scarlet (OC)
au_developments Prompt: 19. writer's choice
Claimer/Disclaimer: I own all original characters you see before you. All Supernatural character’s mentioned do not belong to me.
Authors Notes: Because I really need to start writing things leading up to all the other things I’ve written. Set after Everything Involves Handcuffs.

Scarlet was sitting across from Dean and Sam in a virtually empty bar with a jukebox playing un-ordinarily loudly in the corner. They were both staring at her expectantly, almost waiting for her to say something or do something that would confirm they would have to tie her up and leave town. Scarlet sighed and ran her hand over her face in exasperation.

"I could lose my job for even talking to you, you know that right?"

"All we want to do is talk," said Sam quickly, his posture relaxing slightly. Dean leaned back in his chair and gave her a once over, tapping his foot against the ground as he thought.

"So," began Scarlet, crossing her hands on top of the table and looking from Sam to Dean expectantly. "What do you have to say that could possible change my mind from haling both your asses to jail, right now?"

"Well for one we'd get out faster than you could manage to get us both in there," said Dean, giving Scarlet a smirk. "As for a reason," Dean paused and glanced at Sam before leaning forward across the table, stopping inches away from Scarlet's face. "Do you believe in ghosts?"

Detective Scarlet tried very hard not to laugh at the two of them, looking like they would pull anything out of their asses if it meant not going to jail.

"Listen, I really could get in trouble for doing this," said Scarlet with a sigh, looking over her shoulder. "But I know exactly what you guys are doing."

"Excuse me?" asked Sam, leaning forward.

"Can we skip the whole ‘the truth is out there speech’? I just hit my partner over the head with a shot gun, and I’m talking to the Winchester brothers. Not the best combo."

"Wh-what?" asked Dean, shaking his head. "What are you a hunter or something?"

"Demon hunter. My family has a bit of a ‘never heard of it’ sort of thing going on. I’ve been hunting since I was eight. Let me help you."

"Hold on," said Dean, holding his head up to stop her from going on. "What you’re telling us, is that, you knew we’re not criminals, and you knew that we’re hunting a demon, and you didn’t bother to let us know immediately?"

"Let me clarify," she said, sitting up. "The entire police force know who the two of you are. You are murderers, you are thieves, and you save lives. I do the same thing, only I’m allowed to. Nobody’s going to believe me if I told them you two are good people."

"Point taken," said Sam, interrupting Dean before he said something stupid. "You have a first name so we don’t have to keep calling you Detective?"

"Jamie," she said.

"You know what would be really bad right now?" asked Dean, turning to look at Sam. "If Mora and Mercer walked in."

"Who’s that?"

"Mercer’s blind, and Mora...," Sam tilted his head to the side and grimaced.

"Mora’s a vampire," Jamie stared at Dean, her mouth hanging open slightly.

"You gotta be fuckin’ kidding me."
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