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30 January 2008 @ 08:49 pm
Eros 1/?  
Title: Eros 1/?
Liv darkmagic_luvr
Rating: T
AU Series Title: Pendulum
Characters/Pairings Involved: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Jennan Doyell (OC), Jamie Scarlet (OC), Mora Van Duryn (OC)
au_developments Prompt: 13. Night
Claimer/Disclaimer: I own all original characters you see before you. All Supernatural character’s mentioned do not belong to me.
Authors Notes: Jamie’s just on a roll with the sass.

"This is boring," Jamie, Sam and Dean all looked over at Jennan who was elbow deep in newspaper articles with her head in her hands. She looked up to see the three of them staring at her and gave them a look. "What-?"

"We’ve been doing this our whole lives," said Jamie. "It’s very boring-"

"But we never say it out loud," finished Sam. Jennan frowned at the two of them as they turned back to work.

"You guys need to get laid," she said with a scoff, standing up and leaving the library. Dean watched her go, looking back at Sam and Jamie who both looked mildly offended. Dean shook his head and went back to work.

"She’s right," Dean and Sam both looked over at Jamie who was scanning an article on Sam’s computer. "I need to get laid."

"You free later?" asked Dean, earning himself a smack across the back of the head. Sam continued staring at her until she spoke up again, a little more excitement in her voice.

"I found something," she said clicking on a link. "Abigail Fisk, claims her friend attacked her February 4, 2006, another woman...same thing. Charles Gerald, on of his teem mates on his football teem. All three on the fourth of a different month."

"They connect to Luke?" asked Sam, looking over her shoulder. Jamie nodded.

"All three attackers where at the same place. Bar called the Red Spot."

"Few blocks from here," said Dean looking sideways at Sam and Jamie. "Wanna grab Mora and we’ll hit the bar?"

"Not Jennan?" asked Jamie sweetly, batting her eyelashes at Dean.

"She needs to get to know Mercer," said Dean, straightening up. "I think he creeps her out."

"Bar it is."


Sam and Dean were both sitting at a table near the entrance of the bar. Mora was playing Pac Man and Jamie was talking up the bar tender.

"You see anyone?" asked Sam, looking over his shoulder at the patrons. Dean shook his head looking over at Jamie and catching her eye. She headed over to them, swinging a chair over from the next table and sitting down.

"Bartender’s never seen anyone creepifying," said Jamie with a shrug. "Told me that the guy sitting next to Mora staring at us comes in a couple times a month and disappears from the face of the planet. Guy showed up two years ago and that’s when funny shit started going down. Bartender’s name is Teddy and his sister lives in Long Beach."

"Got to know him pretty well," said Sam and Jamie rolled her eyes.

"He wouldn’t shut up."

"Then maybe you shouldn’t have worn that shirt," said Dean, his eyes trailing down the collar of her shirt. Jamie whacked him across the shoulder and gave him a glare.

"You know what, Dean? I happen to have more than one change of clothing."

"I feel like that should have been an insult."

"It was. To your pride and your fashion sense."

Sam ignored the two bickering and looked over at Mora and the guy Jamie was talking about. He stared back, eyes locking on Sam’s. He winked at him and stepped out of his seat, heading past Mora to the exit of the bar. Sam turned back to Jamie and Dean quickly.

"He’s goin’ somewhere," he growled, stopping Jamie and Dean’s conversation, both of them with grins on their faces.

"Where?" asked Dean, standing up, but Jamie pushed him back down.

"I got this one," she said, climbing out of her seat and standing next to Sam. "Don’t worry, I’ve got a giant to protect me."

Dean nodded and settled back down in his seat. "Call when you get him."

Sam didn’t answer already moving after him. Jamie saluted Dean and followed Sam, giving Mora a nod as she past her, into the cold night air, wind whipping against her skin. She caught up with Sam and pulled out her gun and a flashlight, shining the thing into an alleyway that Sam had past. He stopped and looked at her with a frown, she nodded towards the alleyway and he shrugged. Jamie rolled her eyes and headed down the alleyway.

"Jamie," hissed Sam, bouncing on the balls of his feet before going off after her. Something behind them crunched and Sam grabbed onto Jamie’s upper arm, turning them both around and staring down to the end of the street.

"You hear something funny?" asked Jamie, looking up at Sam with a smirk itching onto her face. "Calm down, and let go. I’m a big girl, Sam."

"I don’t think you aren’t," Sam hissed back, letting her go. "I’m just-"

"Jumpy?" suggested Jamie, continuing on. "Overprotective, annoying, worried for my safety. Sam if you love me you can admit it-"

A gun shot cracked through the night sky, sending Jamie flying onto her back. Sam didn’t think twice, just raised his own gun and started firing. He hit something, but whatever it was, was gone before he could see it. He turned back to Jamie, finding her sitting up on one elbow, breathing heavily.

"That thing shot me in the chest!" she said wildly, looking up at Sam who kneeled down next to her.

"You’re not bleeding," said Sam, running his hand over the skin on her chest. Nothing, no wound, not even a scratch. Jamie looked at him from under her eyebrows, running her tongue over her bottom lip.



"You’re groping me," Sam shook his head and moved his hand off her, helping her up right as Dean and Mora rushed the alleyway.

"What’s going on?" asked Mora, looking from Sam to Jamie and frowning at the blonde. "You okay, kiddo?"

"I’m fine," she said breathlessly. "Thing got away though. Sam shot it."

"Way to go, Sam," said Dean. Mora didn’t look convinced by Jamie’s answer and stared the girl down.

"We heard a gun shot before the shooting."

"Oh, I was shot too," said Jamie with a shrug. "Nothing happened."

"Which could be nothing," started Dean and was cut off by Mora.

"Or could be something very bad."

"Either way really," said Jamie. "I’m pretty much fucked."

"How’s that?" asked Sam, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Either I’m invincible or I turn into some crazy monster and you’re all gonna have to kill me."
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