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18 December 2007 @ 03:16 pm
Everything Involes Handcuffs  
Title: Everything Involves Handcuffs
Liv darkmagic_luvr
Rating: PG-13
AU Series Title: Pendulum
Characters/Pairings Involved: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Andrew McAllister (OC), James Scarlet (OC), mentions of Mercer Waurd and Mora Van Duryn (OC's)
au_developments Prompt: 11. Up Close & Personal
Claimer/Disclaimer: I own all original characters you see before you. All Supernatural character’s mentioned do not belong to me.
Summery: Angels need guns too.
Authors Notes: Yeah! I have Jamie meeting the boys!

"Where the hell does Mora go when we need her?" Sam hissed at Dean as the two both sat handcuffed in a precinct in Chicago.

"What if something happens to us? Who's gonna take care of Mercer, huh?"

"He's a big boy-"

"He's blind."

"He's more than capable of taking care of himself."

"Then we've also go to take into consideration that Mora was born a hundred some years ago."

"Doesn't mean she can't help us out once in awhile," said Sam, rattling his handcuffs in front of Dean's face.

They both sighed simultaneously and looked around the precinct. Dean kicked Sam's shin and nodded towards the detective they met first thing. A woman stood next to him, about 22 with dirty blond hair and brushing her fingers along the barrel of the gun they confiscated from Sam.

"Are we playing the dumbass pledge card again?" Sam whispered. Dean shrugged.

"She looks like fun," said Dean, nodding towards the officers. Sam looked in their direction as the two turned towards them. Dean tossed them a grin and Sam groaned.

"Hello, Detective McAllister," said Dean, still grinning. McAllister rolled his eyes and turned to his partner.

"You want this one, Scarlet?"asked McAllister. His partner chuckled wickedly.

"Very much so," Dean gave her an enticing grin. and stood up to follow her, turning back around and mouthing the words 'Oh man' at Sam. Sam shook his head and watched Dean and Detective Scarlet go before turning to look at McAllister. He gave the detective a weak smile and silently prayed that Dean didn't do something stupid.


"Total bitch," said Dean loudly from his holding cell. Sam had his arms wrapped around the bars, staring down the corridor at Dean who was ranting about Detective Scarlet.

"What'd she do?"


"You must have enjoyed yourself."

"She's mean and hot all at the same time. It's like torture."

"The only torture for you is not bing about to sleep with her."

"That's true," muttered Dean to himself and smirking. "But not the point."

"It's times like this where I really hate Mora," muttered Sam under his breath. "Where the hell is a vampire when you need one?"

"Maybe you can get a hold of the blind sensation and get us outta here."

"He's not gonna come."


"Because he doesn't like you."

"Which is weird, because everyone usually does," said Dean with a sigh. From down the hall a door banged shut and the door leading into the holding cells opened. Dean stood up from his cot and walked over to the bars, looking down the hall as Detective Scarlet walked in. She glanced over into Sam's cell and stopped, looking at him for a moment before shaking her head and continuing on towards Dean.

Dean had a wicked grin on his face.

"You checkin' out my brother, Red?"

"Detective Scarlet," she corrected, folding her arms over her chest. She rolled her eyes and nodded at the guard behind her. He moved forward and unlocked Dean's cell, making him frown.

"I get to leave?" Scarlet laughed at him and shook her head.

"No, no, you and Sam get to show me and my partner where you put the bodies."

"What bodies?" asked Sam as he too was released from his cell.

"And were back to playing dumb," muttered Scarlet under her breath, placing her hands on her hips and glaring at Dean as he walked past her. "Don't do anything that would make me shoot you. I have an itchy trigger finger."

"You threatin' me, Detective?"

"Just keep moving," Dean grimaced at her and looked at Sam.

"I told you she was a bitch."